Essay On John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism

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Bentham and Mill, although both firm believers in Utilitarianism, had somewhat different views when it came to decision making. Bentham uses a step by step process in his essay describing the thought process that one should have when determining the outcome of an action. Similar to Mill’s belief, if the outcome were to bring more happiness to the community as a whole than pain, than that decision is just. However, Mill believed that to make a proper and good decision required using the analyzing the consequences of each action. The only desirable goal in the eyes of Mill is pleasure, and as Bentham also believed pleasure of the community as a whole. He also stresses the point that our decisions should also exercise our higher faculties, rather than base desires.
2. Rachels suggest that Utilitarianism has trouble upholding rights, justice, and backward reasoning. Utilitarianism has issues upholding the rights of individuals because if an action were to infringe upon one person’s rights at the enjoyment of the community, then utilitarianism would say this action
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Happiness is not defined by the standards of utilitarianism. I believe that maybe utilitarian’s need to rethink their idea of happiness beyond what they have always assumed of it to be. Happiness isn’t something easily measured on a scale or a ballot, it’s not similar to money in the way that it can simply be handed off from one person to another, happiness is not a democracy. It’s deeper than that. I feel as if utilitarian’s in a way undermine and strangely disrespect the idea of happiness, they try to see it as a tangible object when in reality it’s not. Happiness extends farther than simply a goal, it’s how we feel when we witness a child take their first steps, it’s the feeling of accomplishment, and the moment just before the rollercoaster drops. In these moments happiness is achieved. Happiness is an everyday occurrence in life, not and end goal, it’s not something to be chased, but rather

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