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Compared to the beginning of the school year, tensions are higher than ever in regards to Islamophobia. Many Muslims are increasingly frightened with how new situations and leaders will affect them. French elections will chose a leader that may or may not protect Muslim rights. Since the election of Donald Trump, Muslim hate crimes have ballooned. With these increasingly hostile political situations, many Muslims could feel ostracized and alienated, which could push ISIS recruitment. Islamophobia will continue to grow and embolden people to perform more hate crimes if world leaders do not seek to condemn it. The world needs to work together with Muslim people and offer them community because together they have the tools needed to stop ISIS. This year Islamophobia took to the beaches in France in the form of the burkini bans. The full-body beachwear Muslim women wear was banned from many beaches in the South of France. Women were kicked off beaches and fined for wearing any sort of burkini on the beach. The intense secularization standards in France were the excuse for these bans, but one can assume Islamophobia was more of the cause …show more content…
It all starts with world leaders showing compassion and love to their Muslim neighbors, which will leave others to follow in their example. If world leaders preach tolerance and inclusivity and condemn heinous hate crimes, the people would react positively. If world leaders encourage people to not be afraid of people that are different from them, Islamophobia would decrease. ISIS recruiting would fall dramatically if Muslims felt like they already had a community to turn to. Love would overcome the hate that ISIS spreads. Unfortunately, it seems many world leaders do not want to take this approach to ISIS and would rather spread fear to garner a following. So, it is up to individuals themselves to reach out to their Muslim neighbors and show compassion. Kindness has the power to halt

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