Essay On Intellectual Curiosity About Medical Literature

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1. Demonstrates intellectual curiosity about medicine and medical literature
During my brief time in medical school, I have found that my desire to learn has only increased. In my head, the human body is a map with things I know well lit-up brightly, and the other dim places flickering in to place as I progress through my courses. The assigned readings are kind of a necessary evil in some cases in that they are not very exciting, but they build that base knowledge for the supplemental material of each class to build upon. I am not one to ask questions often during the lecture because I like to see if my questions will be answered before the end of the lecture. There have been a few instances during smaller groups where I feel my question is
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My relationship with my husband is so important to me, but so is my success at school, and balancing the two of them is very tricky. I have had to make a lot of compromises where Friday nights are spent studying at my desk instead of going on a date night or out with friends. In addition to relationship sacrifices, there is the significant financial burden that my husband also willingly entered. My large debt is also his, and he understands that it is necessary to have the future career I want. Lastly, I think there are definite personal sacrifices of time, not just now, but for many years. My dad is a physician and one of my initial red flags in applying to medical school was the demanding …show more content…
We feel so connected to each other through our studies and desires for the future that our instinct is to help others along in this journey as much as possible. Not sharing answers, hints, etc.. . is probably the most consistent ethical dilemma I encounter. There are many reasons not to share answers (it’s cheating, and unethical among the most obvious of reasons), but along with that, everyone needs to do their own part. We are all in medical school and someday our knowledge base will be vital to the health and wellbeing of people other than ourselves. If you cheat in any way during this time now, how good of a doctor will you be in a few years when you’re making autonomous decisions about patient

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