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The Inca empire Inca Empire was a very strong presence in new world, the South Americas. They had amazing architecture, which was so good that it could hold a 40 foot stone wall together with out mortar. Their empire had over six million people in it, who were very law abiding people, and their strong government was also able to govern the people over vast distances, with many natural obstacles. The Inca diet mainly consisted of stew, maize.

The Inca built a vast empire. Supported by taxes, governed by a bureaucracy and linked by road system.The first Incan kingdom grew slowly. In 1438, but a power ruler ambitious ruler Pachacuti took over. Under his leadership, the inca conquered all of Peru a and then moved into neighboring lands. Pachacuti
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The Inca worshiped few gods unlike the Aztec. The Inca focused on key nature spirits, such as the moon, the stars, and thunder. The primary Incan God was a creator God called Viracocha. The next important God was the sun God Inti. Incan priest led the sun worshipped service, this was assisted by a young women known as Mamakuna, these women are all unmarried and were drafted by the Inca for a lifetime religious service. The temple of the sun in Cuzco was the most sacred of all Incan shrines, its decorated in gold. The temple is also used for ceremonial purposes.

The Incan rulers divides their territory and its people into manageable units, which was governed by a central bureaucracy. They also imposed a single official language called Quechua. Also founded schools to teach Incan ways. The heart or capital of the Incan empire is Cuzco was a splendid city of temples, plazas, and palaces. The Inca allowed little private commerce or trade. That is probably one of the reasons they were so successful.

Even though the Inca empire did not rule longer than a century, their contributions are still present.The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. And the Inca gradually built a massive kingdom through the military strength of their emperors. That is why they are a successful and powerful empire to

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