Essay On Importance Of Writing In Academic Life

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Any language in the world has four skills; reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The first two skills are receptive and the other two skills are productive. The English author and philosopher Francis Bacon once said that “reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” The writing stands out as one of the important skills because it is used in daily life, especially academic life. Professors and students in colleges and universities use writing to convey their ideas to readers. Nowadays, with the information and technological progress, people also use writing as a tool for communication in the workplace. It is used as a formal channel of communication.
In the view of the importance of writing in academic life, according to Central Michigan University’s Writing Center website, the Writing Center was established in 1978 to support basic entry level students’
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In the ELI, there are six levels that are taught gradually. Sometimes, when the ELI students go to the writing center, it is hard for the tutors to get what some students want to say in their papers. There are different tutors who are working on different shifts. The tutors sometimes cannot track the progress of students. But if the ELI has its own writing center, it will be easier to track the progress of students. A number of committed tutors will work with the writing center on a permanent time to see how students develop. When a student comes to the tutor twice or for three times, the tutor will understand the style of the student and provide good feedback. A tutor who works with students for the whole semester is better than having different tutors. If the student has to sit with different tutors, then the student will have to explain to each tutor what kind of weaknesses he/she wants to develop. Thus, permanent tutors will help in developing the writing skills of

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