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Management stresses responsibility, and its major concern is performance. The administrative job of a manager is to increase return from resources that are already available (Brown 1-2). Management applies to any kind of organization, and as a manager, responsibilities include the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. In studying management, it is important to focus on these five functions. Management is essential to small and large organizations, to profit and not for-profit enterprises, to manufacturing as well as service industries. All managers carry out managerial functions, but not every manager spends the same amount of time on each function. For example, top-level managers spend more time …show more content…
After all, the foundation of all relationships is communication. Effective communication allows managers to achieve organizational goals and objectives. As a manager, it is important to communicate different types of information whether it is to people inside or outside of the organization. Without proper communication, lower level employees may not be aware of new information, like for example, a change in personnel policy. Communication can also help coach employees to improve or expand performance in order to meet desired goals and objectives. Sufficient information is a valued component of communication, and everyone is able to make more accurate interpretations of the message if information is present in structured way (Ellis 23-6). According to past research, how well a manager communicates adds to the amount and duration of employee motivation and commitment. There are two major concepts to consider when sending communication, which are noise and feedback. Noise is defined as anything that may hinder with the clarity of the message. Examples of noise include use of particular words (such as formal or informal language), volume of speech, having an accent, or using the wrong body language. Feedback is defined as the only way a sender can be aware whether the receiver of the message understands correctly. Although feedback is fundamentally important, many managers have yet to master the skill. Feedback …show more content…
Only a small percent of managers have the required skills to become real leaders. Robust leadership is critical to guarantee employee loyalty, high performance, and most significant, to take a company forward. There are five key skills that a manager must develop before being characterized as a leader. The five key skills are: to develop a sense of self-awareness, encourage an appreciation of others’ skills, build the ability to influence others, an environment that embraces challenge, and balance adaptability and consistency (Knight). Many managers are often selected to lead programs and organizations built on cognitive and interpersonal skills or factors such as organization and planning skills. It is important for managers to understand the basics of leading others for the purpose of achieving workplace objectives and results. In order to be a successful leader, self-awareness, training in effective leadership and management processes, skills, and techniques, is critical to long-term success. Managers must gain confidence to lead others in order to be a prosperous leader in an organization. Managers can benefit from learning how to lead, manage, and supervise others, which results in accomplished goals and tasks

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