Essay On Impact Of Salt On Seed Germination

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Impact of Salt on Seed Germination
Germination is a key event in a plant’s lifetime and controlled by two main factors which are water and salt stress (Yuan et al., 2016 and Vallejo et al., 2010). Salt stress affects plant growth and crop production by causing osmotic and ionic stress in plants. Alonso-Blanco et al in 2009 reported that less study was made on the traits in Arabidopsis thaliana despite the immense genetic variation present in the species and the importance of seed adaptation to salt and drought stress. Many studies on the molecular basis of salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana had been done, however, the genetic variation that causes salt tolerance and other abiotic stresses in the species had not been widely
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The different seeds were collected from different locations globally (Vallejo et al., 2010). The seeds were treated with 3 different salt concentrations which are 0.1M, 0.2M and 0.3M. Each of the genotypes was placed in 0M salt concentration as well which acts as the control. We used 10 ml of distilled water for the control and mixed 1ml of NaCl with 9 ml of distilled water for 0.1M salt concentration. Next, for 0.2M and 0.3M salt concentration, we mixed 2ml of NaCl with 8 ml of distilled water, and 3ml of NaCl with 7 ml distilled water respectively. Next, we placed a piece of tissue in the Petri dishes and sprinkled the solution in each Petri dish. Then, we divided each Petri dish into 4 compartments and placed 10 seeds of the same genotype in each compartment to set the replicates for each genotype. We observed the number of green cotyledons that came out once the seed germinated and counted them (De-Rose Wilson and Gaut, 2011). The seed germination for each genotype and concentration were recorded every two days for 14 …show more content…
The raw data was log-transformed as it didn’t satisfy the normality assumption (DeRose-Wilson and Gaut, 2011).
Based on the observation that we made, it was found that all of the genotypes only have their seed germinated for 0M and 0.1M salt concentration. None of the seed germinated for salt concentration 0.2M and 0.3M. Table 1 shows that the genotype Moa-0 had germinated first compared to the other seed genotypes in both 0M and 0.1M salt concentration. However, the genotype Lesno-4 did not germinate at all throughout the experiment for each salt concentration and thus the result is not applicable.
Table 1 First day of seed germination for the control and 0.1M salt concentration
Genotype Control (Day) 0.1M

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