Essay On Immigration

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Immigration is nothing new. It has always occurred in the world. Some peoples reasons are for the better, and some could be for homeland issues that are present. For such an example could possibly be wars or economic issues. In present times of today society is exposed to loads of country conflict. Many people try to better their families by leaving the area. However, this poses issues for countries that people are looking to for help. An example of this would be America and varies European countries. Looking at our current presidential race a “hot topic” is immigration. But, if we were to look back at world history immigration is nothing that has recently began to become popular. Back in the 1800’s people heard of America the land of opportunity. …show more content…
However at the age of 3 her family moved to Austria. Later on in her at the age of 9 in 1951 her Aunt wanted her family to immigrate to America. This was the reason for her leaving Europe. She traveled to Bremen Germany. Her and her family stayed in a camp setting for about a week in Bremen. During this week they received their medical shots, and ate before the journey. To make it to Bremen they had to a sponsor that had already paid for their trip over. She traveled on the U.S.S. Sturgis. This boat was used to transport soldiers from America to Europe. When they traveled they got extremely sea sick as a result of a bad storm. Once arrived at Ellis Island the boat had to be dry docked as a result from the storm. They arrived late at night and before the night was over they were already on a train to Chicago. All that she remembers of being at Ellis is being interviewed. When she was in Chicago she knew no English. The couple that lived above her apartment had taught her and her siblings basic things (The Alphabet, Basic English phrases). But she didn 't begin to learn English until she started school in September of 1951. Never less, since there was a language barrier there was a difficultly is social situations. Months later another Aunt of hers made the journey over to America. They had to pay months in advance as a sponsor for her to come over. To this day Elsa still has cousins that live in

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