Essay On Ice Storms

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In Canada the weather and seasons are always changing and Winter is always the harshest. Especially during the months of January, February and December. We always need to bundle up and make sure to prepare for the winter weather, like getting out those winter jackets and making sure we have winter tires for the snow. A huge concern that all Canadians need to be aware of is its severe ice storms. This hazardous storm has the effect of burying everything with a glaze of ice, so heavy that it can split trees in half and turn roads into a slippery slope ( This is why it is so important to know what an ice storms is, because it can affect Canada and the people living in it.
Ice storms in Canada affect our provinces and the communities
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That is why it is so important to stay out of danger so nobody gets hurt. The amount of damage caused by an ice storm relies on a few factors like is about how much freezing rain there is. The more cold precipitation, the more ice coats our surroundings. Even though some ice storms can happen unexpectedly meteorologist tries to predict when and where an ice storm might occur so it will not effect us that much (The science of ice storms) . Another factor that causes damage is whether the ice storm affects urban or rural areas. It is said that urban areas gets affected the most because these areas use more things to power people’s everyday lives. An example of this would be our electricity, if our power lines were to fall down we would lose our power and we wouldn’t have any utilities or safe transportation routes (Living with weather). The last factor is how strong the wind can be. The stronger the wind and the colder the weather can make the ice storm worse and causes more damage (Ma,Emily). There were many ice storms in the past that caused Canadians to lose power for days and to make matters worse they caused lots of damages to Canada politically, socially, and

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