Essay On Hyper Masculinity

Hyper Masculinity and Its Effects
Without advertising, most companies would not be able to sell their products, but the visual effects they use in advertisements to make their point, affects the society in many bad ways. Most clothing companies hire attractive models to advertise their products and they convert these people to something they are not. They mostly use men as aggressive and masculine and by doing this, they awaken the hyper masculinity trait in men when they watch these advertisements. Hyper masculinity can cause harm to both men and women but women are the ones who become victims the most because it can result in domestic violence. Hyper masculinity spoils the esteem of the society, fuelled by faulty advertisements which trigger
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He states that hyper masculinity is the same thing as guy code, in other words guy code is how the society expects guys to behave. According to Kimmel, “there are four basic rules of masculinity that real men obey” (541). The first one is “No Sissy staff!” In other words, men should not show their weakness and should not be viewed as womanish or gay. Men should be opposites of women. The second rule is “Be a Big Wheel”. In other words, men should have great power but in terms of wealth and status instead of physical power. Masculine men should be successful in life. The third rule is “Be a Sturdy Oak”. This means that men should be reliable when in need and his reliability comes from the fact that he is insentient instead of being able to respond. The last rule is “Give ‘em Hell.” This means that real men should be daring and aggressive, taking risks shows how much of a man you are. Another characteristic of this rule is not to pay attention to other’s opinions. This is the reason why men are the worst …show more content…
From a young age, we are thought to be tough in order to be better than other guys, this is why hyper masculinity is such a big aspect of our lives. According to Kimmel, “men subscribe to these ideals because they want to be positively evaluated by other men” (543). Turns out, men behave in a masculine manner not to impress women but to impress other men. This is logical because masculinity is judged by men. For example, women do not judge gay men but straight men do. The real reason men try to be masculine, is to show other men that they are real men. This masculinity can sometimes be dangerous for men because they hide their emotions and anything that will make them look weak but it tears them from inside. According to Kimmel, when a football player was asked what he thinks of his coach, he said “he would completely humiliate us for showing anything but toughness” (543). The coaches think that this will make them tougher and better players but it actually wears the players down from not showing anything. The same thing happens to all of us who obey the rules of masculinity because hiding emotions and pain and kipping them inside, erodes the person from inside. As Kemmel said, “no wonder boys are more prone to mental breakdowns than girls are” (548). Because of masculinity, boys drop out of schools more often than girls, are four times more often diagnosed as emotionally disturbed than

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