Essay on Humanity

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This is an essay discussing human love, corruption, evil and hatred, and its relation to human nature. This is my philosophy; it is the product of what I have learned from other people and through observation of the world around me.The key ideas I will be supporting in the following paragraphs is that it is human nature to want to give and receive love; and a nature that must be exploited the fullest in order to rectify the current state of the world. Evil, competition, hatred and the human capabilities of such, are also woven into human nature; but only exists because it must, in order for love to exist, and must not be used.

Before I continue, I must establish exactly what love is. This is very hard, because language cannot fully
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If a child does not receive the parental love that nature intended, for whatever reason (it all comes down to the child’s parents being corrupted originally), he may not want it; or at least he thinks he does not want it. I believe it is really just a strong subconscious fear. If a person has been rejected love for such a long time, the same could occur. I’m not going to go into this any further; it is beyond the scope of this article. Whether or not the person is still capable of love, I do not know. They were denied it, but they indefinitely had it at the start.

Evil and hatred is the human capability that is the exact inverse of love. It only exists because if it did not, then love would cease to exist. It exists, and always will; but that does not mean it has to be used or manipulated in anyway. It’s just something that is there because it must be there in order to balance something else. In this case, love. It is exposed when the very fabric that makes us human, love, becomes corrupt or is merely blurred from a persons’ perspective on his or her life’s occurrences. I believe that no one intends on using evil or hatred, it is a product of corruption and can blind the person to what they are really doing. The seven sins, although a Christian concept – and I am by no means a Christian, I believe to be good reference to the origin of corruption; with the exception of ‘lust’, which is beyond the scope of this essay. I could write a whole

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