Essay On Human Sex Trafficking

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The crimes of human trafficking has been around for several thousands of years and, is still a common issue throughout the world today. Sex trafficking has become one of the most common forms of human trafficking to this day. With the issue growing drastically, Many families of the victims are also struggling to deal with the widespread issue. Human sex trafficking is a problem throughout Eastern Europe and will continue unless the international community makes and enforces laws to stop it. Thousands of people each year women, men, and children are sold for profits. Throughout the 1990’s sex trafficking in Eastern Europe has grown to be more common. As the issue grows more common the more difficult it is becoming to control. The crime also has serious legal consequences if a person is found guilty. However the crime lacks a specific definition, Some are found to only be charged with illegal prostitution.
Becoming a victim of human sex trafficking can occur to anyone at anytime. It is constantly happening all around the world. “It was recently found that out of people who were sex trafficked 80 percent were of female gender and, 20 percent of
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While global communities have yet to find a solution for this problem it is occurring more and more. “statistical data from several european countries, found that human sex trafficking increased by 18 percent by 2010. At the same time the number of convictions for the crime of human sex trafficking fell by 13 percent.” (Chappell 2). The statistics showing an increase in these crimes with a lower conviction rate is justing showing how this is such a huge problem. Not enough is being done to change the outcomes of these cases. There needs to be more attention brought to these cases , as well as a way to define them so it is easier to charge. This would also prevent the victims from being charged with anything along the lines of illegal

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