Essay On How To Tie A Windsor Tie

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Register to read the introduction… I will demonstrate step by step how to properly tie a Windsor knot. (Visual Aid)

1.) step one: start out with the large end of the necktie on your right side and the small end on your left. The small end of the necktie should extend past your collar about one foot depending on how long you want the tie to be. Cross the large end of the tie over the small end. 2.) step two: bring the large end of the necktie up through the loop of the tie 3.) step three: move the large end of the necktie back down over the loop of the tie and back down your left side. 4.) step four: now take the large end of the necktie and move it underneath the back of the tie. The tag of the necktie should be showing. 5.) step five: take the wide end of the necktie through the top of the loop on the right side of the loop. Once again the tag of the necktie should be showing.
6.) step six: starting with the tip of the large end of the necktie, wrap around the triangle you have already made or called the base. The tag of your tie should be against your shirt
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8.) step eight: Pull the large end of the necktie tight and adjust the knot so it looks uniform and tight. Pull the necktie tight by holding the knot and pulling on the small end of the tie. To get a nice dimple in your tie, push on the middle of the tie, and squeeze the sides up into the knot.

Signpost: Now that I have demonstrated how to properly tie a tie I will give you a little background information on each of the three.

II.) The Windsor knot is referred to as the Double Windsor or the Full Windsor.
1.) As stated in Creative Attribution- ShareAlike(Wikepedia) the Windsor knot is named after Duke of Windsor. The Duke preferred a wider knot and his ties were specially made with thicker cloth in order to produce a wider knot. Hence, the Windsor knot was created to emulate this wide knot but with regular ties
2.) When tied correctly the knot is tight and does not slip away. It is very comfortable to wear. The knot is symmetrical and well balanced. The large knot helps to show off its pattern or design when wearing a closed coat or jacket. It also helps to keep the throat warm during colder months.

III.) Next is the Half Windsor

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