Quit School Hours In College

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First off, I want to start by thanking you both for raising me to be the man I am today and always pushing me to go beyond my limits to succeed. But, now that I am transitioning into a young adult and starting college, my workload and daily schedule have altered from what they were in high school. With that being said, I am writing you both to ask that you let me quit my job that I have had since high school. I have brought up this topic to you guys on a couple of occasions and it just turns into a never ending argument. As I stated before, both my workload and daily schedule differ immensely of that in high school. In high school I had maybe one to one and a half hours’ worth of homework, and on some nights I did not even have homework. In college I have two hours’ worth of home work every night, and that is just one part of the many things I have to juggle on a daily basis. Although I say these things, I completely agree and see where you are coming from. In that regard, I believe that I have a compromise that will not just satisfy only you two, but me as well. In my first paragraph I said that I agreed and saw where you both were coming from. I would like to further elaborate on that. What I meant when I said that was, I know you push me to …show more content…
How you came here and did not know anyone or anything. You barely knew English, but you still managed to find a job and get your feet on the ground. Words cannot explain how much I respect that. That is why you have and always will push me to be the very best I can be. That is why you want me to have a job, go to school, and do everything I need to do on a daily basis. You went through the adversity and you came out successful. Without following in your footsteps, I will never be able to appreciate hard work for what it truly is. Because of that, I think we can both agree that I need to be more responsible and independent from here on

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