How Do Drugs Affect Children

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Drugs are a very big problem in today’s world as children are getting more and more addicted which is affecting their lives as it is destroying the relationship with their loved ones. However, it is not just affecting the relationship of children and their loved one but it is ruining their health. The impact it has on children are: mental health problems, lung disease, the function of the brain, high blood pressure, feeling anxious and depression, etc.

However, there is a new tool that has appeared on the market to prevent teenagers from becoming addicted to drugs. It is a good way for parents to test their own children for illegal drugs at home without consulting a doctor. The kit checks for traces of cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and amphetamines. It only costs £12 and is a urine test that could save yours, child life; which would help to keep them away from these derogatory substances. What a great idea to help parents fight against the evil of drugs! It will settle doubts in parents’ minds and when there is a positive test result they can quickly seek professional help. Young
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The kit can bring families back together and help them be content and free from harm. Drugscope, another leading drugs ' charity, said, “We understand that parents are scared that their child will take drugs but this disturbs that relationship of trust. There will be an examiner and examinee with a presumption of guilt.” But surely, if families argue, it is better than a dead child. Parents need to test their child before it gets too serious or is too late. Drugs can turn children feral. It is better to stop a child taking drugs and bringing stress to their own homes. If parents can prevent stop drug usage in their child’s life, then UK homes will become pleasant and tranquil. Furthermore, without drugs the child will have more discipline and self-control to listen to their parents’

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