Essay On How To Eradicate Bullying

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The why some schools don’t have bullies article focus on finding solutions to eradicate bullying. Bullying is repeated acts of unwanted aggression and abuse of power that take a wide variety of forms. Some of the forms of bullying are physical and verbal aggression which can be categorized as direct or indirect behavior. When direct physical bullying occurs, it will involve someone being attacked physically through punching, kicking and stomping, whereas when indirect physically bullying occurs, it will involve someone being excluded from the group and destroying their possessions or stealing items. When direct verbal bullying occur, it will involve name-calling and verbal abuse where derogatory language and insensitive remarks are made, whereas …show more content…
Creating a school ethos that encourages non-bullying will enhance relationships between faculty and staff and students. Additionally, faculty and staff need to be alert when they’re monitoring and supervising playground or school building areas to ensure the safety of all children. Furthermore, teachers need to emphasize positive behavior and encourage children to participate in the management of the class and the school. Programs for bullied children can be incorporated to improve their academics and PSHE (personal, social, and health education) curriculum. All bullies and victims who are affected by bullying will receive advice and support to help with their recovery. The role of the parents, the local community and other agencies are vital since bullying is too large a problem for schools to deal with on their own.
1. The bully is the more dominant individual and the victim lacks the power, strength or will to resist (p. 12). 1. This statement means that bullies will impose their size and intimidate victims since they’re smaller and weaker. In addition to physical aggression, they will use verbal aggression to humiliate their victim by using derogatory language or making threats. Furthermore, bullies can utilize relational aggression and cyber bullying
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However, I will likely see warning signs once I start working with the New York City Department of Education. The thorough training I received has prepared me to identify the warning signs. I know the job will be difficult; nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the challenges.
This information does change how I perceive the world because faculty and staff are prioritizing bullying issues to ensure the safety of all students. Taking steps to provide faculty and staff with thorough training will enable them to have more knowledge and preparation for situations. When faculty and staff are trained, they will have the ability to enforce the school rules and policies. The importance of training is vital to ensure all school administrations know the rules and policies of their district.
3. Parents should be kept informed if their child is involved in bullying and should be encouraged to work with the school to overcome the problem (p. 23). 3.This statement means that parents need to know about their child’s well being.
I have seen instances of this in my experience with my niece and nephew.
This information will change how I perceive the world

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