Essay On Homeworkwork

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Sitting alone in bedrooms every night, high school students vigorously scratch away at hours of complex homework projects, problems, and papers. The motivation for such rigorous labor is not to learn or comprehend information, but instead to attempt finishing work in time to turn in the suceeding day without retribution; therefore, keeping GPAs high and futures bright. "Rather than deeply learning and engaging, these students report “doing school,” and express willingness to sacrifice their health and academic integrity in order to successfully complete their work to maintain or increase their achievement status... learning has become a secondary goal." Moreover, what happens to a student 's physical and mental health and social interactions …show more content…
Responsibility and time management techniques imperative to meet deadlines and due dates fit this label. Assigned during class, homework requires remembrance at the end of the school day by the student 's own accord and derivation of an efficient sequence for completion, depending on designated return dates, becomes compulsory. Investigators claim, “homework helps students develop responsibility and life skills and the ability to manage tasks and that it provides experiential learning, increased motivation, opportunities to learn to cope with difficulties and distractions, and academic benefits.” In adult life, people face similar expectations to track engagements and duties not only in career prospects but also in everyday sustainments such as taxes and bill payments. Additionally, homework implements incentive for perseverance and self actualization. Comparable to repetitions and drills of athletic practices, learners utilize homework as a dreaded process required to prepare for approaching examinations and gauge individual understanding. High schoolers who employed homework as a tool found, “homework as “somewhat useful” in helping them to learn the material and “somewhat useful” in helping them to prepare for tests, papers, or projects.” Trudging through the daunting labor of completion with endurance and comprehensively illustrating acquired knowledge allows students to feel pride in

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