How To Reduce High School Dropouts

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High school students that drop out are less likely to be successful, because they make less money and they 're more likely to get into trouble with the law and they have higher unemployment rates. (steve s) A high school dropout earns about $200,000 less than someone who has graduated and a high school diploma, “A high school dropout makes $19,000 a year a high school graduate makes $51,000 a year, a college graduate will make one million more than a high school graduate.”(Janel davis) In two thousand and twelve the study found that high school dropouts made $11.75 per hour that’s four dollars and four cents less than high school graduates, High school graduates made $15.78 per hour that’s twelve dollars and fifty cents less than college graduates which make $28.28 per hour, High school dropouts earned $21,080 per …show more content…
“The country could save $10 billion in reduced costs caused by crime each year.” It is said that high school dropouts are most likely to become teenage parents, live in poverty, abuse drugs and alcohol, and or commit suicide. “Only about 75% of high school drop outs try to go back to school by either earning their GED or others by coursework and actually graduating.” (Jackie burrell) High school dropouts are less likely to vote or volunteer when they 're old enough to. (Dennis Roekel) it is said that high school dropouts have a hard time getting and keeping jobs than people with a higher education because they were less skilled and most likely less responsible than high school and college graduates.(suh s and suh j) People are highly to suffer from mental and and emotional stress without a high school diploma because of lack of money. (Mike hardcastle) Some high school students without parents support, with parent or work responsibilities or with some kind of disorder are most likely to drop out of high school.

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