Heroin: An Addictive Drug

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HEROIN There are so many different types of addictive drugs in the world that are terrible for a person 's body. Once a person starts doing a drug it will be close to impossible to stop. Heroin is one of theses terrible addictive drugs. What is heroin? Heroin is an extremely potent opioid that is known for the extremely intense high that it produces. Opioids are substances that act on opioid receptors to produce morphine-like effects. It is usually seen as a white or brownish powder(Heroin Addiction Treatment). In powder form the drug can be sniffed or inhaled, but is can also be dissolved and injected which is most “popular” in the heroin addict community (Heroin Britannica school). The drug is dangerous, and in many cases deadly (Heroin …show more content…
Addiction is when a drug user can not stop taking a drug even if they want to. Heroin addiction is explained with the words compulsive, and drug seeking. The drug is made from morphine which is a natural substance from an opium plant. The drug is not prescribed legally because it has no legal use even though, some opiates can be prescribed and used (Heroin Addiction Treatment). Addiction to heroin can prevent a person from holding a job because the are so absorbed in being high. These people are called junkies. Junkies will resort to crime to support their addiction (Drug types). Junkies get their heroin on the streets which is very illegal (Heroin Addiction Treatment). Even though it is illegal it is very easy to get since it makes up a large portion of the drug trafficking on the streets (heroin Britannica School). It is very dangerous when an addict gets it from someone off the street because it can have a wide variety of strength levels depending on what you get. It can be mixed with other drugs or other white substances such as sugar and even poisons which are very harmful to humans (Heroin Addiction Treatment), making it more and more dangerous. A heroin addiction is very expensive to maintain. If the addicts do not have a job they often participate in prostitution, robbery or burglary to help supply their bad habit. The typical heroin addict will inject heroine to become high at least two …show more content…
This feeling is called a high. A high caused by heroin is usually brief but very intense. It usually consists of s rush that will most likely be accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth and a heavy feeling in the extremities followed by a drowsy tired feeling (Heroin britannica school), Sometimes called a “Downer” effect (Heroin Addiction Treatment). This leaves the addict feeling relaxed, content and comfortable. The high will typically lasts about two to four hours until it slowly wears off (Heroin Britannica School). A person 's body will become addicted to the drug making it very hard to

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