Essay On Head Trauma

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Head trauma and contact sports often go hand in hand. Contact sports such as football, soccer, boxing, and rugby involve major head collisions and are associated with high rates of concussions. Repeated head traumas are likely to cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which can be described as the degeneration of the brain. CTE has similar signs as other nerve damaging diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s diseases. Initially, there was a lack of research pertaining to athletes and CTE, but over the years an alarming increase in cases involving professional athletes and head trauma has been made. The ScienceDaily article “Evidence of brain damage found in former soccer players,” is a study that examined fourteen retired soccer players with signs of dementia. The former athletes played soccer for an average of twenty years. The relatives of six out of the fourteen players gave researchers permission to conduct an autopsy of the player’s brain. Researchers identified CTE in four out …show more content…
The article became more thought provoking after reading supplemental articles while also learning additional information about how the brain functions and the results that can happen from brain damage. As we have learned in class, the brain is made up of neurons, gyri, sulci and precise pathways, making it one of the most complex structures in our body. Even though the brain is well protected by the skull and meninges, there are a few ways damage can still occur, contact sports is one of them. While contact sports do provide enjoyment for the people watching, they do pose a danger to the athletes playing. Information pertaining to the potential risks of playing contact sports as well as the precautions to prevent brain damage is scarce. As research continues, hopefully there will be a solution to prevent athletes from getting head traumas that could lead to chronic traumatic

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