Essay on Global Warming

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Global warming is a very hot topic of today’s world and students are assigned to write on global warming essay topics. The teachers ask the students to write papers on global warming, global warming argumentative essay or global warming persuasive essay. A global warming essay is somehow equivalent to any other general essay. The difference is that you have to concentrate on the issue of global warming as the topic is about global warming.

By considering the topic, an essay on global warming should depict and indicate the current causes and effects of global warming. A global warming essay can be a ‘causes of global warming essay’, ‘effects of global warming essay’ or a ‘global warming cause and effect essay’ and can be written by
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You should first of all introduce the issue of global warming in your essay on global warming. The body of the essay on global warming should include all the relevant information and your ideas in terms of global warming. The conclusion should be a summarized version of your argument and should give a final word on the topic. Your essay on global warming such as persuasive essay on global warming or argumentative essay on global warming should reveal your knowledge about global warming.

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Here is a list of the most popular global warming essay topics:

1. Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?
2. Global Warming – a Global Catastrophe?
3. What the World Can do to Change Global Warming, the Greenhouse Effect and the Ozone Layer?
4. Examine the Causes and Concenquences of Global Warming
5. Global Warming – Case Not Proven
6. The role of the international law in relation to the environmental protection by exploring the existing laws related to the problem of global warming, objectives of such laws, critically evaluating their implementation, applicability and succession.
7. Another Inconvenient Truth: Meat is a Global Warming Issue
8. Why Global Warming Would Be Good for

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