Essay On Gender Vs Sex

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The issue of gender versus sex is a relevant discussion in our society today. We have begun to unsubscribe from the idea that biological sex determines gender, and instead acknowledge that they are separate from one another. As we start to recognize the difference between the two, a question emerges; should we eliminate the concept of gender altogether? While gender is a socially constructed idea, it is also an important identifying agent in our world and has important cultural meaning to us. We should not eliminate gender because of the role it plays in personal identity, and society.
While there is nothing biological about gender in itself, there are aspects of gender that are influenced by biologic sex. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the concept of gender, there are biological differences between male and female bodies. Aside from external genitalia, the biological
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It is becoming more acceptable for those identifying as women to wear “masculine clothing” or for men to participate in “feminine” hobbies. Though the progress is slow, and we as a collective group have a long way to go before eliminating expectations for each gender, we are beginning to liberate ourselves from the rigid regulations of gender roles and ideals. On the flip side, gender expression can also be a source of pleasure. Many people take pleasure in dressing or otherwise presenting themselves in a way that stereotypically corresponds with their gender. This also relates to people who are transgender, as it is typical for them to feel more comfortable when projecting the gender they identify as, rather than their biological sex. Gender expression is an important part of many people’s identity, and allowing people to express themselves however they feel most comfortable is a goal to be working

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