Essay On Gender Stereotypes

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Register to read the introduction… When men and women are both part of a team, others see the men as more dominant than women. I have been on a number of teams that consisted of both men and women, and all female teams. Men are also more likely than women to emerge as informal leaders in mixed-sex groups that have no assigned leaders (Powell, pg. 105). The mixed-sex team tended to be dominated by the male team members, whereas the female members tended to take more responsibility for tasks that are female intensive such as taking notes. Taking notes places the stereotype on the female as a secretarial position. Women are more empathetic and display a higher percentage of positive social behavior. It is assumed that women must be “nice and friendly” and demonstrate that they care for the good of the group.
All workers differ from each other in a variety of ways, such as age, marital status, and family responsibilities. Overweight individuals are stereotyped as being lazier, less conscientious, less attentive to their personal hygiene, and less emotionally stable than
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106). A team I was involved with at my current position was made up of 5 long-time employees and we all knew each other very well and had worked together for many many years. About three-quarters through the project two new employees were hired and added to the team. These new members, one a female and the other a male, changed the dynamics of the team at first. The female member was also the new boss/manager of each member on the existing team and the new male employee. The new male employee was much younger than the rest of the team and was in the mind-set that he knew more than the others. This goes along with my comment above about the younger generation being more technology-literate and

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