Why Do Girls Join Gangs?

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According to the author girls are becoming more violent in the 21st Century. Not fitting traditional good girl getting good grades stereotype, however girls have been on the rise in the delinquency area. In today’s society girls have found the need to join gangs for the same reasons as boys. I believe these reasons rage from growing up in foster care being moved from home to home to having a single mom living in a high crime rate area of the city. Girls have now decided they need to protect their self at all times and decides to carry guns, knives and having razor blade in their mouth for protection. Girls also have a high percentage of run away from home they are on the streets and introduced into a high violent crime life. This high violence …show more content…
Taylor is not stating age, ethnicity, background of the girls and area the girls live in. I believe if his focused was the girls acting maladjusted tomboy image and the sexy looking young girls in the low income area of the city. However there are also gang members living in the middle class area. Taylors study didn’t state what area of the city he decided to study he just states he didn’t know how many girl and women he interviewed for his study. When reading the response of a gang member girl that was interviewed in Taylor study “if you got an all-girls crew, um, they think you’re soft and in the street if you soft and in the streets if you soft, it’ cause he a fella, a man. It’s wild, but fellas really hate seeing girls getting off. However some fellas respect the power of girls, but most just want us in the sack. (Taylor, 1993 p.118) this clearly the attitude girls have because they have realize that guys see them as a sex object and the girls now have the attitude if I am going to break the law I want to gain something for it. Taylor interview with these girls was clearly someone that was very experience with the streets and how to survive in the streets. Moor states that some accounts of girl gang can be challenging because the image forces on race and class issues. Moore study focused on gang girls and girls in gang. Moor points out the difference between the two. According to Moore girls in gang come for more trouble background then boys. Such as physical and sexual abuse, drug abuse, living from home to home. Girl gang members is considered tramps and was considered the girls than boys will get what they want and move on. Moore also states in her study that girls suffered with sexual victimization haunting them more so then

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