Essay On Gaming Addiction

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completions. As a result, they concluded that participants who played violent video games had an aggressive thoughts than those who played non-violent video games. Obviously, the content in video games are associated to the behavior or thoughts changes. (Chittaro and Sioni 217). According to their study, we can conclude that choosing which appropriate games to play is really important to avoid an increase in aggression and a decrease in self-control. The impact of violent games accidentally visualizes them a violent world filled with fighting, conquering, and dominating. The research proves that violent games made players have negative thought such as " explode" instead of "explore". Moreover, the violent thoughts can possibly lead to aggressive …show more content…
Joseph M. Graham reported that one of the first signs of gaming addiction is invest a huge amount of money in online services or video upgrade system. He gives an example that some people are willing to pay cash to buy costume, weapons, and special skills for their character in video games ( Graham 702). When they start to spend money on their gaming, it means they become to live and immerse in the unreal world. It seems that the virtual world for them is now more important and worth investing time and money than many other things in real life. Furthermore, Joseph M. Graham reported that the second sign of gaming addiction is when they become to feel guilty when spending much time doing the other things rather than playing games ( Graham 702 ). In other words, they start to lose their interest in everything else including their previous hobbies. Their interest in playing sports, drawings, studying, and even hanging out with their friends would be replaced by their new interest: video games. Moreover, his study shows that a change in eating habits is considered one of the warning signs of gaming addiction . They may play games consecutively in three to four hours and feel like it 's only one hour has passed. That 's the reason why the gaming addicts usually skip their regular meal, and they only have a demand to eat when they 're starving ( Graham 703 ). It is clear that once they focus too much on playing, their perception of time is changed. Sitting in a place and getting stuck with their harmful new hobbies make them fail to recognize how many hours have passed while they 're playing. Last but not least, Joseph M. Graham studied that when players seem to be aggressive since playing, it 's definitely they are experiencing a gaming addiction. Their loss of control including being aggressive when being defeated or they have to experience a slow internet connection (

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