Essay On Food Senses

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Almost everyone has experienced food differently when they are sick, or have been affected by their senses when a food looks unappealing. It’s almost like having a stuffy nose can make food seem more bland or unenjoyable, or like a certain appearance of a food can influence the way one perceives its taste. This actually does occur, because our senses do in fact influence one another. Smell and taste are both identified by a chemical sensation system, with smell being processed by the olfactory cells in the brain, and taste processed by gustatory cells in the brain. Other senses also influence others as well, like the way eating in a crowded or noisy environment can influence they way one perceives their food (Yan & Dando, 2015). To test to …show more content…
As more senses are used, more complex flavors are apparent. In both trials, at the beginning when no sight was used, my friend was not able to fully identify the food with complete confidence. Without sight or smell, she was able to figure out some basic qualities about the food from the flavor. The only problem with this is that she also could have narrowed down what food it was through things other than flavor, such as texture and temperature. Once smell was used, other qualities became obvious, such as the fruity smell of the melon, or the garlicky odor from the garlic knot. Once smell was allowed to be used in combination with taste, a more dynamic flavor became apparent, because smell and taste are related. However, once sight was thrown into the experiment, my friend could actually identify what she was eating. This allowed her to take her own previous knowledge about the food into consideration. This also allowed her to imagine certain smells and tastes, possibly influencing her taste perception because one’s imagination can have a large affect on the senses and perceptions of tastes, odors, and tactile feelings (Djordjevic, Zatorre & Jones-Gotman,

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