Jacoby's Arguments For The Death Penalty

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Jacoby’s basic argument is that flogging or corporal punishment should be a justifiable way to punish prisoners instead of jail time. A reason for this is there is an overload of prisoners in the United States justice system today. Furthermore it is actually quite expensive for the United States to keep all of the prisoners locked away, so one option to make it quite a bit cheaper would be to reinstitute corporal punishment. Due to the abundance of prisoners many first or second offenders are not charged, which causes the cycle to continue to repeat. Furthermore, criminals get put in jail for a variety of different offences including non-violent crimes and violent crimes, but both offences get the same punishment. What’s more is that it has become a stigma of manhood to go into prison. Another argument is that when …show more content…
Jacoby mentions that prison is a “graduate school for criminals” (Jacoby, J.1997.) and that many prisoners end up going back to prison whereas flogging for smaller crimes may deter criminals from repeating. Also because there is not enough people many criminals go without parole and that may play a part in the fact the many criminals repeat offences. Another argument is prisoners especially that of non-violent crime get raped and even murdered in prison. (Jacoby, J.1997.)
I think that although he has many valid points that this argument may be weak when it is taken at face value. This is due to him comparing the use of corporal punishment to puritan times and there being such a difference between the times. The puritan crimes he talks about includes adultery but the crimes of today especially violent crimes are not on the same

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