Persuasive Essay: Fatigue Away !

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Fatigue AWAY!

Let's admit it, a lot of people don't have a lot of time throughout the day. Most of us have a lot to get done and it seems there just isn't enough hours in the day to accomplish all of our priorities. Have you been sacrificing hours of sleep in order to do so? Or guzzling ten cups of coffee a day just to keep your eyes open? If you were like me, you probably struggle everyday to keep your body up and working constantly. But pushing yourself beyond how much you can actually handle is not a wise habit. Over time you will feel more sluggish and weary as you keep pushing your boundaries. These 7 tips will help YOU replenish the much needed energy your body deserves so you can feel more lively throughout the day!

1. Eat More Healthy
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Yes everyone knows the benefits of sleep. Ever try to go a full day without sleep? You practically turn into a zombie without the bloodstains. Less sleep makes you think less effectively and your actions are often careless. But too much sleep can be detrimental to your health as well. I'm sure you have experienced this that when sleeping more than necessary you often wake up STILL tired. So its best to find out how much sleep you really need. Just sleep in one day, at the time you normally would and once you gain consciousness, get up and stay awake. The amount of sleep you got is your body's ideal rest time, so strive to get that amount of sleep every …show more content…
Your body, after repetitive procedures, will start to get used to them even if you aren't thinking it. In high school I began developing the nasty habit of falling asleep during 5th period. Every day. Almost the entire period. It came to be my happy time but it also reflected negatively on my work. Well obviously, you were asleep the whole time! Anyways, second quarter I transferred to a different class. Guess what? Fell asleep everyday. Second semester rolls by and I purposely change my 5th period to P.E. but come 6th period I would fall asleep. Everyday. My second year of high school rolls around and I get machine woods for my 5th period, the most easy-going class that year. Probably because I slept in that class everyday. 50 minute naps that I would look forward to everyday, and my body had become so accustomed to them that I would come in dead tired, go to sleep, and I would wake up everyday exactly 5 minutes before the bell. The next year was the same and I always felt drowsy during 5th period. Every day was a struggle because the class actually took work! I would purposely ask the teacher for bathroom breaks just to splash water on my face. Then senior year came and I thought I was smart. I elected to take a zero period in order to avoid 5th period and go home after 4th. It didn't work, I still felt drowsy everyday. It's as if my body knew how much class time I could power through before feeling tired. And by the time I came home I

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