Essay On Exotic Animals

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What if a small girl walked into a restaurant and saw a tough looking businessman that was holding a leash. What if at the end of the leash was an exotic white tiger. A white tiger that was being choked by the leash and was aggressively attacking those around him. A white tiger who was trying to kill. People should not be allowed to own exotic pets. They are not only dangerous to those around them, but they can also carry diseases, be abused, and forced into the illegal exotic animal pet trade. “Exotic animals pose serious health risks to humans. A majority of exotic animals are carriers of zoonotic diseases, such as Herpes B, Monkey Pox, and Salmonellosis,” says Veterinarian Jane Mahlow in the article The Dangers of Keeping Exotic “Pets”. What this means is that some diseases that normally are only common in animals can be transmitted to humans who are near them. This poses a threat because some …show more content…
“Exotic animals are consequently dangerous to the people who own them, to their neighbors, and to the community. Animals can also break free from their enclosure and hurt others.” says Jane Mahlow. This is proof that animals pose a danger to the people around them because the quote says that not only are some animals, such as common predators, have a natural instinct to hurt others for food. Because some owners are abusive to their pets, they may not feed their animals the right food, therefor the animal’s hunting instincts will only be increased, causing them to become more aggressive. Also, the quote explains that animals can break free from their cages, and by doing so they can wander away from the property they are being kept. This is a large danger to both the owner and the neighborhood/community as well because there would be nothing to restrain the animal from using their hunting instincts against the people around

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