Essay On Evolution Of Women In The 1920s

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In the 1920’s, which was also known as the Roaring Twenties, many women lived their lives day by day. Many women were open to new ideas, including new cultural beliefs and the start of new household technologies. During this innovative era, woman started to gain a sense of importance and independence in society. This included being granted the right to vote, expressing themselves through songs and dancing and also marrying for love and ending unhappy marriages. With all of this being said and done, the evolution of woman were given the name flappers. In this era woman found an escape from social pressures and become more outgoing and started to take the first but small steps to independence
Early in the1920’s, it was also known as the “Jazz Age” where there was economic prosperity, great social changes, and cultural blossoming. Women were now granted the
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Flappers traded traditional rules for more of a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. They were frank, socially free, reckless, and shocked their elders by the way that they acted. Young women began to involve themselves in activities that use to be limited to men, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and having jobs. They were educated about sex and had no problem about discussing it openly in front of company. They were followers and believers of Sigmund Freud and they believed that both women and men had sexual desires that were natural, not shameful, and that there was nothing wrong in expressing these desires, feelings and wants. Therefore, they had no problems about dancing close, kissing necks in the backseats of cars, going out to party, or even having sex before marriage.The flapper became the symbol of a movement in the youth that exceeded new ideas about womanhood and appropriate lady like behavior (Duke Ellington). Despite the flamboyant personality of flappers, society’s idea of a women was more domestic and small

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