Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival

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The 30th Annual Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival, which was located on Evanston’s lakefront, was eventful for me last weekend. There were many ongoing activities such as family craft activities, international cuisine, and live music by several performers. I got to experience the diversity of arts and culture from all over the world. I went there mainly to listen to one of the music performers named, Saraswathi Ranganathan, along with her ensemble of Raga Blues that consisted of guests that included origins from India, Africa and Spain- Morikeba played the African Kora, Mamadou Tama played the Senegalese Tama and finally, Carlo Basile played the Flamenco guitar.
The performance started off with Morikeba singing and playing the African Kora simultaneously. The sound of the Kora really intrigued me. It resembled that of a harp where Morikeba used only his thumb and index finger of both hands to pluck at the strings. There was a recognizable pattern in terms of rhythm, the speed was quick in terms of tempo and there was a beat of eighth note in terms of meter. The instrument that followed after the African Koran was the Veena, which was performed by Saraswathi Ranganathan. This wooden plucked string instrument first originated in India and is mainly used in Carnatic classical music.
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What really caught my attention was the CD’s that were being sold of the performance after. I liked the fact that there was still a small connection to the earlier years of music when CDs were the dominating the music industry. By doing this, I feel like a greater target audience was attracted. Following up further from our readings in class, I also feel by selling CDs, this reinforced the idea of illegal downloading and copyright infringement and promoted a safer way of consuming

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