The Plague: The Ethics Of Animal Research

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The ethics of animal research
Zhongyu li
University of Missouri - Columbia
I still remember the first time I watched the old French movie called ‘The Plague’ with my mom. I was only thirteen at that time but the movie still impressed me till now. In this movie, Pairs is persecuted by an unexpected plague. Hospital was crowed by sick people while there were no efficiency treatments for patients. Mice are bigger than 6 inch and fulfil the sewers of the city. The heroine found a cat was eaten by hordes of rats. I felt sick and extremely scared when mice begun to attack human. Those mutated mice became stronger and hard to be killed.
When I was older, I chose biological engineering as my major. I found biological engineering can be very helpful
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First of all, medical science need to get progress. The contributions of animal testing are immeasurable and unbelievable. Animal research has played a vital role in medical breakthroughs over the last decade. In 1907, there were 117000 tuberculosis cases in Britain. Robert Koch isolated and identified the bacterial from farm animals showing that it reproduces the disease. In 1943, two soil microbiologists Selman Waksman and Albert Achatz injected streptomycin into guinea pigs with TB. This was the first treatment for TB [5][6]. After that, scientists develop the treatments and save millions of lives both human and animals. Besides, animal testing is the best way to simulate the system of human body. Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with humans, mouse is also an effective model for the human body because we share 95% of our genes with a mouse. Meanwhile, animals suffer from similar diseases to humans including cancers, TB and flu. The system of human beings is extremely complex, computer model unable to fully simulation. There is no adequate alternative to testing on a living, whole-body system without animal testing. The achievements of animal testing could not be obtained by using other …show more content…
The chimpanzee Caesar, gains human-like intelligence and emotions from an experimental drug. Even through he was raised like a child by the scientist, he still hates humans. This movie discusses the ethic problem and mentions human will pay for what they did on animals. As a human being, I cannot understand what animals are thinking about, but I know animals suffers a lot. Some organizes like Pro-Test share their ideas to make more people comprehensively thinking about the ethic problem of animal testing. This is group who is stand for science and in favor of continued animal testing. Their aim is to dispel the irrational myths promoted by anti-vivisectionists and encourage human progress [10]. Everyone should think about it and I believe all the human will work together to improve the techniques to reduce the pain of experimental animals and save more

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