Essay on Equal Rights

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Compare and Contrast essay on equal rights
"This type of legal marriage must be forbidden because natural instinct revolts it as wrong"

Throughout the history of the United States, there has been a class system that tried to define the people who lived here. The people who started this system gave large rights to those who would benefit from it, while at the same time restrict those they deemed unworthy of such privilege. In the beginning this burden fell mainly on the slaves who built the nation, and the woman who maintained the families. This class of human was lower than the superior white male and therefore could not think freely for themselves. A result of this there was a barring of marriage between two different races. Now in
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The gay marriage debate is very much like the race debate that raged on in the 1950's, and still does in certain places in this country. And it very much so is a double standard between those who make the law, and those who have to abide by it. In the past when slavery was prevalent, it would be taboo for a black man to marry a white woman. It was just not happening. But it didn't stop many slave owners at the time from having relations and even offspring with their black slave woman. Why wasn't anyone saying anything about that type of interracial relationships? It was okay for them since they made the law, to break the law, without any thought of how it will affect them and the families they often made from their 'unlawful union'. The politicians and other critics of today think much in the same way; having one standard for them which totally contradicts the same laws they vote on for the rest of the country. Many of these politicians and critics wouldn't have a problem having a lesbian or straight women as their neighbor. Those same people would fight tooth and nail if they knew that a gay man would be moving in with them. Why is this? The balance of power as shifted from them to that gay man. What they could see as an object of affection in a straight or even lesbian woman, turns completely 180 degrees with a gay man in the picture. They cannot see a man as a object of affection, but the gay man has no

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