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A Different Kind of Hero

What is a hero? The first thought that probably came into your mind was someone like batman, spiderman, or superman. All these character have one thing in common, they are heroes. A hero is person who is admired or idolized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities such as honesty, selflessness, and charity. These characters have all shown these traits, but an epic hero is even more special because they extenuate and deepen the meaning of a hero. An epic hero embodies values of their society meaning that they are considered a perfect model for the society, completes great deeds, and are considered to be larger than life such as a god. In The Matrix, the protagonist, Neo Anderson is a better hero compared
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These heroes show the epic heroes journey and succeed at what they are both looking to accomplish. Gilgamesh creates his own rules of being an epic hero, but Neo shows a perfect example of what an epic hero should be. Gilgamesh manipulates the idea of a hero to fit into his story. Neo truly embodies the value of his society; he saves his people by defeating the Matrix, and is considered to be larger than because when Agent Smith shoots Neo more than once he survives. Gilgamesh makes his own rules as he pretends to be the perfect, but he is far from being the perfect model of his society. His physical appearance is within the requirements, but his mental knowledge made him believe in things that caused him to make horrible actions making him not the best hero. He also created conflict with Humbaba just to make himself more powerful and this is not considered a greater deed because it was done for his selfishness not for the good of others. Humbaba was instructed to protect the forest doing nothing wrong; he was just doing his job. Gilgamesh searched for immortality, but does not succeed in becoming immortal. This means he is not really considered larger than life, but instead his story is considered larger than life by always being remembered, immortal, showing how Gilgamesh’s story is changed to fit the

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