Essay on Elliott Erwitt

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Essay on Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is a street photographer born in Paris from Russian immigrant parents (Erwitt, 2011). This essay will not focus on his biography but rather put emphasis on his work. Elliott Erwitt is known for his spontaneity when taking snapshot and passion for the human condition (Magnum Photos, 2011). He also has a very sharp sense of humor that is without a doubt reflected on his work. Elliott Erwitt has also a particular affinity for dogs and kids (Erwitt, 2011). It is said that the challenge is to be able to recognize the work of a particular photographer based on specific characteristics distinctive to him (Magnum Photos, 2011). As a matter of fact, Elliott Erwitt’s snapshots all have distinguishing
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Picture two

In my opinion this picture represents love, affection and romance. The fact that everything that is happening inside the car is being reflected in the rear view mirror sets a cozy mood. When looking at this snapshot I can even feel that these two loving people are warm and comfortable as in a little cocoon. In fact, it seems to be colder outside as the sun set in. The idea of using the rear view mirror to see what happen inside the car is definitely fueled by the photographer’s curiosity as if someone is looking through a keyhole. It reflects the facts that humans are curious and in a constant need of knowing what others are doing. Indeed, it appears to be a very private moment which poses the question of whether this picture crossed the line or not in terms of privacy.
Picture three
Under my perspective, this photograph represent spontaneity and adventure. This man jumping over the wet floor during this rainy day certainly represent spontaneity. It seems to me that it is about doing unexpected things as opposite to planned things. About living it up and stop planning every move you will do. About replacing daily routine with unpredictable, unforeseable and unplanned things to have a dash of adventure. Nowadays, society tells us what to do, what is proper and what is not. This picure raises my interest as beeing a revolt against conformism. Also, it is noticable that the umbrella of the couple are not fixed properly to protect

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