Videogame Effects On Adolescents Essay

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The Effects of Videogames on Adolescents For the last fifty years adolescents have played videogames. Videogames have advanced from arcade games to home systems and portable systems. Now videogames are changing again, moving into the future with virtual reality and duel capability systems. However, one thing that has not changed over the years is studying the effects of videogames on adolescents, most of which examine the negative effects of violent videogames. I agree that there is definite effect on adolescents from playing videogames, but I cannot agree that all of these effects are negative. Recent research has reexamined the well debated topic of whether or not violent videogames have negative effects on adolescents, but there are also new studies. Some of these new studies examine the possibilities of videogames effecting cognitive skills; if sports videogames cause people to increase the physical activity in their lives, if videogames will be the future of therapy, and if videogames can improve surgeon’s ability to perform surgery. …show more content…
In the study Effects of Video-Game Play on Information Processing: A Meta-Analytic Investigation, the authors talk about the problem with trying to look at videogame’s effects because so many things are now considered videogames, they state that “the definition can be as narrow as including only games played on a gaming console, or as broad as including all digital games from Solitaire to Grand Theft Auto.” (Powers et al.). Since most scholarly research studies conducted focus only on console gaming. We will be examining the effects of videogames strictly within the realm of gaming consoles

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