Social Media Influence

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Social network sites have changed the world into a modern world. It’s made the people from each country closer with the other part of the universal. Social media has both negative and positive effect on people lives. Despite the fact the social media has make people lives easier unfortunately it effect negatively on human lives. For example, teenagers who are staring at their screen for a long time its can cause damage for their eyes. However, there are three main effects of the social network on people live such as political influence, health effect and lack of privacy.
Political influence is one of the effects of social media. Social networks have had a profound impact on the social-political environment globally. For example, the use and
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This means that the social media has a negative adverse effect on people lives, particularly in terms of invading people privacy. Every person in the world should have their own privacy because a lot of people don’t like to share their things with others. For instance, People feel no qualms in sharing the name of the restaurant they are currently having lunch at or the name of the theatre they watching a movie at. Sure it seems like a harmless thing to do. However, such simple form of communications directly results in cyber stalkers to track people every movement. This is also corroborated by the US Department of Justice, which confirms that over 850,000 individuals, predominantly female, are victims of cyber stalking every year. In “Dealing with the Cyber world’s Dark Side” Justin (2011) found that almost twenty percent of cyber stalkers employ social media platforms to track their targets movements and forty percent of women have faced some sort of dating violence through social media sites, ranging from disturbing text messages to personal information being posted online. But it’s not just cyber criminals that are after people personal data. Facebook and Twitter want people data too. When list in minute details people interests, or add an email ID and phone number to people account, Facebook and Twitter sit up and notice. They sell the data to marketing companies and brands, which in turn target them with …show more content…
The excessive use of social media is directly responsible for causing serious physical, as well as mental health problems among users. For example, whenever people use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social networking applications, they do so by being seated for long hours or by lying on their beds. Such users of social media naturally gain a tendency towards acquiring a sedentary form of lifestyle. In other words, people who use social networking too much will be inactive because they will be either sitting or lying down while staring at their screen. Especially teenagers will be too lazy to do anything else. Therefore, social media users neglect physical hobbies like sports, such as soccer, tennis, and basketball. Which makes users are more prone to face serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. According to women health magazine, this article state the social media webs can initiate a stimulus in the mind and make the person crave food the time they see certain pictures. When people spend a lot of time in fort the laptop for example, watching a movie they will keep eating more and more and this could lead to obesity. However, spending too much time on social media is bad for teenager’s health. According to June U “Social Media is Harming the Health of Teenagers” (2016) found that teenagers who stay awake through the night face

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