Essay On Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Effects of Social Media on Today 's Society
Today technology is changing the world in many ways it seems we aren’t able to control. Social media and cell phones are beginning to change our lives and the way we live daily. We tend to pay more attention to our phones than we do anything else around us. Some don’t tend to realize the risks they are taking. People don’t communicate as much in person as they used too. How many accidents occur from people being on their phones while driving? Are mother’s being distracted from taking care of their children because of their phones? What effects of cell phones changing our health?
Cell phone are used everyday, but do we even consider what they could be doing to us when we are using them? A cell phone
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Humans volunteered to be exposed to the effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) and showed results of increased blood pressure due to the exposure. They were exposed to RF_EMW at 900 MHz (one million cycle per second) for thirty-five minutes. Blood pressure did increase by 5-10mmHg and experienced a huge decrease in capillary perfusion because of vasoconstriction or constriction of blood vessels. In a follow up experienced one to the same group of people to prove their findings they found a significant increase in their blood pressures. (Makker)
In addition another aspect affected by cell phones is sleep. There has been concerns about sleep pattern being interrupted due to using cell phones, but researcher Huber didn’t find and signs of significant change in sleep latency, sleep quality, and rapid-eye-movement latency in young men that were being exposed to 90 HMz for thirty minutes.The only effect that was reported was increase in electroencephalogram (recorded brain activity power density) during the first thirty minutes of rapid-eye-movement
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During an experiment conducted a 16-channel telemetric electroencephalogram was used to record electroencephalogram (EEG) changes during the exposure of the human skull to electromagnetic frequencies from a cell phone. The area of the ipsilateral eye that was more concentrated on when being exposed to the EMF. In the period of ten to fifteen seconds there wasn’t any change. After twenty to forty seconds a slow wave activity began to show and this activity appeared to show in the contralateral frontal and temporal areas of the brain.

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