Essay On Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes On The Human Body

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The Effects of E-Cigarettes on the Human Body
In America today, as organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Lung Association (ALA) crackdown on the cigarette industry, not much attention has been given to the blooming electronic cigarette industry. People perceive electronic cigarettes to be a safe alternative to smoking a regular tobacco cigarette, but little do they know, there are more chemicals in the e-cigarette than in a tobacco cigarette.

Vaping is dangerous to the person who vapes because nicotine is still present, and there are no standards issued by the FDA that checks for quality control. In a 2014 study of the what is in the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes, Hahn et al.
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Hahn et al (2014) also noticed that there are no governing bodies such as the FDA monitoring the electronic cigarette industry, so “deviations from the labelling in certain products would demand quality control procedures by official authorities similar to other consumer products such as alcohol and tobacco cigarettes”(Hahn et al., 2014). Since the alcohol and cigarette industries have been present in the United States for many years, the FDA has had time to do studies about how safe carcinogens such as cigarettes or alcohols are, but since the e-cigarette industry is on the rise as a result of the FDA’s movement to get rid of the cigarette industry, there are no real controls on how much of a chemical can be inhaled while someone is vaping. The ALA found that “Newer e-cigarette devices, especially ‘tank’ styles with higher voltage, also deliver a greater concentration of nicotine” (ALA, 2015). The lack of regulations of the amount of nicotine that can be released per puff of the vape allows for newer models, like the tank model, to give the vaper a higher amount of nicotine than a regular cigarette can because cigarettes are regulated now. Despite the fact that there are no quality control measures when it comes to manufacturing e-cigarettes, until the FDA comes out with measures that limit the amount of …show more content…
In a study done by Qun Wu, Di Jiang, Maisha Minor and Hong Wei Chu (2014) about the effect e-cig liquid had on the lungs, they found that “e-cigarette vapor contains some of the same toxic chemicals as tobacco cigarettes” (Wu, Jiang, Minor & Chu, 2014). E-cigarettes are thought to be a safer alternative to smoking a cigarette, people almost always overlook the fact that vape contains very similar chemicals to those of regular tobacco cigarettes, making an e-cigarette no safer than a regular cigarette. Most people think that vape has only water vapor, nicotine, and flavorings, but in reality, dangerous chemicals such as menthol and glycerol are present in e-cigs. Andrew Parrott (2015) found that “nicotine is a powerful CNS stimulant, with many basic similarities to other CNS stimulants, such as cocaine and methamphetamine” in his study of the psychobiological effects of nicotine dependency in people who vape (Parrott, 2015). Nicotine, meth, and cocaine all stimulate the central nervous system in similar ways, and despite what the average vaper might think, nicotine is present in e-cigs and vapes. Nicotine in e-cigs is no different than the nicotine in a regular tobacco cigarette, and therefore it will still stimulate the body just as much. Dr. Burstyn (2014) found that “In excess of 9,000 determinations of single chemicals

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