Essay On The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Effects of Divorce on Children
The family has an important role in the foundation of a child’s personality. The environment where the family lives, education, friendships, and the way you raise the child’s will have an important influence on their development. Family is the most important institution in a person’s life. However, when the parents decide to divorce the ones who mostly suffer are the children. Divorce affects children in many aspects: divorce is stressful for children, divorce creates painful memories in children, divorce provokes children to have psychological and behavioral problems, and divorce cause anxiety in children. The adjustment of the children in the divorce can last from two to many years and many children will adjust, but most of the children will show effects that will accompany them for their entire lives.
One of the effects caused by the divorce is the mental stress that the children endure. No children want to see their parents getting divorced unless the family endures constant conflicts.
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After the hardship of the divorce process the psychological problems are devastating to children, and most of the times parents do not realize the psychological effects caused on their children. Sometime parent uses their kids to take advantage in the divorce, manipulating the children to have financial, social, or personal reasons. Children behavioral problems usually are different in boys and girls. While boys tend to become aggressive and disobedient, girls tend to be sexually active earlier in a divorced family than a standard family. Psychological effects of divorce on children varies and it depends of the duration of the parents conflicts till the divorce, the intensity of the relationship between parents and children, and the ability of the parents to protect their children from all the awkward situations till the divorce gets done.

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