Essay On Effects Of Advertisement

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The effects of advertisements in our daily lives
Walker Smith says “we 've gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970 's to as many as 5,000 a day today”. Advertisements are around us when we watch movies, sports, outsides and even in our houses. In this essay I will be focusing on the effects advertisements have on our society. Advertisement affects our society in many ways; ads continuously repeat gradually to get the attention of the viewer, they also brainwashes children and adolescents, and lastly they have an effect of how we think and behave in our daily lives. These are the reasons why I believe advertisement is harm to our society.
Ads repeat over and over to get our attention. Business pays millions of dollars
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The ads speak without using major words to fill up a page. The companies produce their ads in a way that it stands out from other ads. Some children have, when watching Television, come across so many ads that they eventually start memorizing the actual ads and the message behind the ads. For example, the fast food restaurants use cartoon movie characters to persuade children into buying their goods and toys, even though it can be bad for them. Advertisements can be deceiving; particularly for kids and teens who spends days in front of TV screen and watch violent and false advertising. Many teens now a day’s …show more content…
They talk to us, and send messages that we receive to be able then produce something out of it. Everywhere we are or see, people have some sort of brand that they are representing. They might have no idea what the brand is doing or is about, but all they care about is if they makes them feel normal to the eyes of the viewer. It could be hats, shirts or pants that someone would wear; or sometimes it also be a magazine, newspaper and most of all TV and serving the internet. Now a day’s serving the internet has become a major phenomenon for ads. We as students or anyone come across gaming ads in Facebook or written ads from a local store in Twitter. The ads vary from small companies to larger companies. The big company distribute their ads throughout all sorts of media attention getters whereas small companies suffer the loss of ever reaching people and their targets.
In conclusion advertising takes big parts of our daily lives because everywhere we go we see an advertising. Ads affects us by first they get change our minds, second, they programs our children and teens and lastly they have big effects on us in our daily

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