Essay On Education Is The Key To Unlock The Golden Door To Freedom

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George Washington Carver, A botanist and a famous professor of the Tuskegee Institute, said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door to freedom,”. Carver behind a legacy of works and studies about the famous American agricultural products - legumes, cotton and potatoes - and he emphasized this statement many times in his famous living life, just to ensure that we , his legacy , will always follow his advice and honor it until the end of our humanities .

Sadly, it’s not the case. Americans ourselves are reluctant to follow this advice . From the very beginning of the human civilization, we’ve been hiding the key to this golden door, the key to wealth, to happiness and success, even to live Battle between Tribes in the early human government,
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In 2014-2015 report , public universities for in-state pupils will cost around $15,000 per year and around $40,000 for private colleges ( both non-profit and profit ) which includes tuition and room and board . At first it seems quite simple and understandable with the picture in mind that each and every college will follow the average tuition. But when the students and their upbringings actually go into each universities , they begin to hallucinate by numbers and numbers of different prices and different options between places , which sometimes can be just 5 miles away from each other . It’s not just a differences in $1,000 from the expectation of $15,000 , it’s a usually $5,000 differences and will come up even $10,000 or $40,000 . The typical examples would be Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburg, PA) with the 2015-2016 tuition and fees of $50,410 or Ohio States University ( Columbus , OH ) with $40,196 of tuition (Most Expensive Public College and University , Cappex College insider ) . The more depressing news is that these prices are just “sticker price”, meaning they’re not barely the actual tuition fee that a student has to paid per year , but just an estimated cost . The actual cost is realistically higher than that many more . With more choices and more thinking , students and parents are more and more confused and frustrated on how to pay the bill that eventually , will stack more and more on the desks . This is even not including other books , rentals fees , personal spending ( on transportation , health care, etc.) and meal plans , which are far more expensive . All of these concerns after being combined, will be skyrocketed into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and burst out the dreamy bubbles of having an affordable college education of any graduated high school students. Consequently,

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