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Raised on rationing and under the spectre of a nuclear war, older generations have loved to grumble about the easy ride enjoyed by youngsters today at one point or another.
But it would seem that despite the improved working conditions, freedom and vast array of ways to splash the cash, life for young people has never been tougher.
A surprising study of 4,000 people across two generations found that not only does the current younger generation think their parents had it easy, the over-50's agree.

Difference: Today's youth are more stressed and want more money than their parents' generation

Free love: Like the Door's Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer), baby boomers were able to relax and go their own way
The study, which was commissioned by
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Surprisingly, alcohol consumption remains fairly similar but naturally people were far heavier smokers in the older generation – just a fifth of the modern generation smoked compared to over half of people forty years ago. The average smoker back then smoked 15 a day, while those today get through nine.
'We commissioned the Good Life Report to better understand what the challenges and pressures really are for today’s younger generation,' said Lysa Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer for Holland and Barrett.
'In a world where we’re constantly rushing around and connected 24/4, we found people now have to make more of a concerted effort to keep fit and healthy, often fitting it around their busy lifestyle at the expense of having fun and seeing friends and family.
'The idea of what makes up a good life has also changed over a generation, and we’ve noticed a trend for many younger people to take an interest in health and looking after themselves.
'The common view is young people live for today – yet the report shows quite the opposite.
'Today’s younger generation are looking ahead, investing in their health, saving, and making smart choices about healthy eating and exercise.'

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