Essay On Drug Awareness

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Ads are used to promote goods and services or promote public awareness. Over the years cases of drug abuse have increased at an alarming rate. It is a problem affecting all ages from the adolescents to the adults. These issues affect that family and the country at large. Many anti-drugs governmental and nongovernmental organizations have come up with ideas to end this epidemic. They have come up with means of public awareness including posters, billboards, and commercials. The above ad was created o discourage drug misuse. The above ad paints a picture of the suffering experienced by drug addicts even after they have quit. It is, therefore, common knowledge that the target audiences are the young, adult and the old. The youths that are in college …show more content…
It is in a hospital. The man is seriously ill lying on the bed. It is probably an intensive care unit judging from the machines. He is pale and in a very bad condition. He has tubes through his nose. It is supposed that it is used to feed him. There are two people in his sides one seems to be a doctor while other is a nurse. The doctor is examining him. The intoxication of drugs causes ill heath and later death. The location captures the attention of the audience he gets the awareness that drugs lead to loss of life. The picture catches one 's attention through its color and text. The picture is monochromatic. It has shades of black and white. It lacks the attractiveness that comes with business ads. The idea is to focus more or to draw attention to the picture. It brings out the intense, somber, melancholic mood that it is meant to. There is no much lighting into the room. The medical assistant is rarely seen this to ensure that total attention is offered to the sickly man. It brings out the fear, sadness and agony the man is …show more content…
Anyone will notice it from a distance. The texts ‘drugs’ is bold and in red color. Red has been used in this context to illustrate the danger that is caused by drug abuse death and suffering. The bold puts emphasis on the intended message. Having short sentences or text saves time for the audience and ensures that the message has been driven home.
The cameras lens was direct before the man to capture him as he is the focus. It captures him fully in his state and only brings the two health assistants in the shadows. Every part of his body is taken into view. The tubes through his body and the gigantic machine passed him are focused showing the stat that he is. The sight of the tubes and machines trigger chills of fear. Maybe the addicts and those intending to start drug abuse will be discouraged by the site. He fails to capture the unnecessary like the walls since it is important for the audience to view the man. He should be the center of

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