Essay On Dorothy West

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Register to read the introduction… There were also Other talented Writers suchs as Arna Bontemps, Countee Cullen, Alain Locke, Claude Mckay and Wallace Thurman. This Circle of talented artists named this group the Harlem Renaissance.

West was the youngest member of the group. Thats why she inherited the nickname given by Hughes “The Kid”. As west was in this group she also met with white writers such as H.L. Mencken, Carl Van Vechten, and Fannie Hurst. Van Vechten and Hurst became West’s mentors. Although both were helping great, West still struggles publishing her books.

West’s story mostly consisted of black themes, which the majority of the present day white readers didn't read. West did manage to publish two books in the 1920s. The books where An Unemployed Man. which was published in 1928. The other book was Prologue to a Life which was published in 1929. Both appeared on the Saturday Evening Quill.

In the beginning of 1927, West decided to compliment her writing. She started working as an actor. West found a part to play as an extra in George Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess. She performed on Broadway and london and stayed with the cast for several
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She was rejected by many publishers. West Decided to join a group of 20 black artists. One which consisted of Hughes. Together they were going to make a movie about racism in Russia. When they got there, they were told that the movie was declined. They did not get a reason why. Even though the movie was rejected, West decided to stay in Russia. Hughes joined. West stayed in Russia for more than over a year. Soon enough, West asked Hughes to marry her. but he declined. Later that year , West decided to come home. Only to be told that her father had passed away due to downfall of his business. When west came back from Russia to her home she saw that the country was facing The Great Depression. She was also going through a hard time with her father that passed away. West was also feeling morose about the failure of her writing. she wanted to continue her writing but she couldn't due to the issue of the country. But rather than just sitting and doing nothing, she decided that she will continue to write. She wanted to start fresh and so she did. In 1934 in New York City, she started a literary magazine called the challenge, with the money that she saved up from her meager savings of

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