Essay On Domestication Of Animals

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Dating back to over twenty thousand years ago, for men, hunting was a commonly practiced ritual. At the time, hunting served two purposes. The first purpose was to feed themselves and their families. Those who caught the prey would traditionally pick their favorite piece of meat and eat it first, followed by the older men and then younger boys. All leftovers would be given to the females. Secondly, hunting was used as a ploy to gain social status and power over the community and their families. Anthropologists have observed a historical connection between men and their thirst for power. As a result, one can hypothesize that men would turn their quest for power into the domination of those inferior to them physically. Those subjects under their domination became women and animals. Both women and animals were treated as objects, rather than subjects as they were forced to obey and tend to the needs of the men. To further illustrate the masculinity complex, dating back to Ancient Egypt, a godlike bull named “Apis” was worshipped for its strength and subjugation. Males have tried to replicate Apis in their own way. Men were, and still today are, seen as powerful when they dominate over nature.
In today 's society we see that food commercials and advertisements are created to appeal to the masculinity complex as described above. Men
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Today, fast-food advertising consistently feeds off of the past and appeals to the stereotypical associations with men, such as a need for masculinity and power over others. By promoting a certain product with a cowboy or athlete, for example, consumers try to emulate them so they go out and by that product being marketed. As a result of commercials sensing men need power over others, they objectify women to get their point across in the

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