Essay On Dissocial Sociopath

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The dissocial sociopath is psychologically normal, yet aligns their self with a group that regularly breaks social norms and is violent. Militia groups, organized crime and guerrilla soldiers are parts of this group. These people have a circle of friends or co-conspirators for whom they feel genuine affection for, however, they disregard the feelings of people outside this group. A perfect example of a dissocial sociopath would be most political figures. The first to come to mind would be Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a fascist dictator for Germany in the 1940s who led his country into war with the United States. Known for his crude treatment towards Jewish people he organized and built concentration camps. The irony of it all is that Hitler himself was a Jewish man. …show more content…
A police officer is trained to protect a serve from the beginning of their career. As time passes it becomes more complicated to differentiate between protect and serve. Are policemen protecting themselves first and foremost before the citizens in society? It contradicts what their sole purpose is. This is one perspective for a police officer to adopt the mentality of a dissocial sociopath. Day in and day out police officers put their lives in jeopardy for civilians to live in a safe environment. Depending on the location and current events many people dislike cops. The paranoia that can develop from this would alter anyone’s way of thinking. Police now have to protect their own with as much incentive in protecting us as a people. The controversy surrounding this is that police officers disregard the feelings of the people. Dissocial sociopath also coincides with being anti-social. Which speaks for itself and revolves around most of the symptoms of being a sociopath. Being socially awkward and unable to socialize creates frustration, leading to anger issues which can potentially create

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