Essay On Discrimination In The Workplace

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Research Report on Discrimination in the Workplace
Discrimination at the work place refers to any kind of negative treatment that is targeted at someone on account of several factors including gender, race, cultural background, age, level of experience, language used or even skin color. In worse cases, discrimination is even perpetrated against people who have disabilities. The reason why discrimination at the work place is a big issue is because it cultivates unfavorable treatment of a section of employees instead of treating everyone fairly (Dipboye and Adrienne 82). At the work place, discrimination is mainly common in hiring and firing. However, even after hiring, there are still cases of discrimination during day to day operations. The
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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits neutral job policies and intentional discrimination that treats some employees unfavorably based on general stereotypes that have been developed about their traits and abilities to perform. Just like other forms of discrimination, race discrimination gives the organization a competitive disadvantage. The competitive disadvantage comes about when an organization lacks racial and cultural diversity in its work force. All businesses and organizations aim at solving problems that face people in society. Therefore, when an organization excludes members of a certain race from being in its workforce, it reduces its ability to understand the problems that face members of that particular race. An example of this kind of discrimination is when a manager refuses to employ an African because of his ethnocentric belief that the African is inferior to him and therefore does not deserve to work with him in the same place (Hugheset al 53). The solution to this kind of discrimination is filing cases in court against all employers who condone discrimination along …show more content…
The discriminator might say this consciously or unconsciously. Because of the negative psychological effects of such statements on the disabled person’s mind, it can lead to work place stress. Discrimination of disabled people is therefore counterproductive to the growth of the firm. When a supervisor discriminates a disabled employee or client, it demoralizes the targeted person from performing maximally and therefore compromises on the growth of the business. There are laws that criminalize the discrimination of disabled people at all levels of the organization. An example of discrimination against disabled people is when a supervisor shouts at an employee who uses crutches because he is moving slower than the others. Such discrimination can be solved by prosecuting supervisors and employers who perpetrate this kind of unfair

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