Essay On Dinosaur Extinction

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Since the discovery of fossils in the early 19th century, people have wondered how the dinosaurs went extinct. Many theories have since come about, however, even today we cannot be sure what exactly whipped out these magnificent and colossal beings. In 1679, Robert Plot found and sketched a thigh bone which he believed was from the skeleton of a giant man This fossil has since disappeared, however the drawing remains and seems to suggest it was actually a part of a megalosaurus. In 1822, Mary Ann and Gideon Mantell discovered large teeth that they believed were the remains of a huge and extinct iguana. Finally in 1841, Richard Owen realized that these fossils were far different from any known living species, and chose the name Dinosauria …show more content…
The first of these is mammal competition. This theory states that dinosaurs were driven to extinction because they could not compete with mammals for necessary resources. Mammals began to hunt in groups, which allowed them to compete with dinosaurs for food. (“What killed the dinosaurs?” n.d. para.1-4). This theory is further supported by the fact that mammals still thrive to this day while no non-avian dinosaurs survive. Although this theory seems to be well supported, more research is needed to further explore the idea. Another modern yet unpopular theory is continental drift theory. Some scientists believe that shifting continents would have created catastrophic conditions that would have eliminated the dinosaurs. When the world’s landmasses moved, they argue, ocean currents were redirected and global sea levels fell (“What killed the dinosaurs?” n.d. para. 2). This change would have also change the climate on Earth, making it much drier and cooler, and thus the ecosystems of the dinosaurs would have been altered (“What killed the dinosaurs?” n.d. para. 3). It is clear that there was a huge change is sea levels around the same time as the K-T boundary, based on the fossils of ocean dwelling creatures that scientists have found thousands of feet above present sea levels. As these levels fell, they created a whole new world, one that was not suitable for the dinosaur population (“What killed the dinosaurs?” n.d. para. 6-7). Both of these theories require further research, as they are both logical and quite possible explanations for dinosaur

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