Hinduism And Christianity Similarities

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Our world has many different religions but we are only concentrating on Christianity and Hinduism. They have man differences and little to none similarities from different views to leaders. Many think they are more similar but I’m here to prove them wrong.
The obvious difference is they are from a different worldview. Christianity is from the Linear Worldview and Buddhism is from the Cyclical Worldview. Linear Worldview, mostly Christianity, believes in a creator and an event that will conclude the creation. The fundamental belief is that God stays in contact with his creations and Jesus Christ is the revelation of the nature of God and Savior of all who believes and the believers grow their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I was
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For example, Christianity has the Holy Bible that is read and is used in sermons. It is the instruction manual for life and is the best book to go to when you need something to help you through troubles and Hinduism has the four basic Vedic books Rig-Veda, Vajure-Veda, Sama-Veda, and Atharva-Veda. They are made of four parts, the first section contains mantras, the second has ritual materials, the third section has Aranyakas, and the last on has philosophical materials. The books are used for knowledge or sacred lore. Since I haven’t really seen the books or ever been to this religion’s teachings I’m not completely sure what they use the books for. Christianity has certain days when they go to church. Each branch in this religion can vary in the way they go through their ‘worship’ but I go to a Pentecostal church and it is a bit different from a catholic church. We start by having greeters by the door and it’s no lie we talk for hours before and after service. Once we start church we have a choir sing songs, but we don’t use hymnals, we use regular sheet music and sings songs from a popular church. Then we pray over people and the offering while the choir sings. The preacher starts their sermon after that. Hinduism is a bit different since they have multiple Gods and sacrifice. They tend to worship at home and …show more content…
Jesus Christ and Gandhi are very important in the history and growth. Jesus was a traveling minister and helped the people in need. He was the “son of God” and was well known by the people, some even crowded him for help. One story I thought was helpful to convert my friends was telling the story of Jesus healing a blind man from his spit in the mud he used to spread on the man’s eyes. There are so many stories about him in the Bible and it even has his death on the cross and detail on what happened before and after. Mohandas K Gandhi was an important figure for Hinduism. Even though he was born hundreds of years after Jesus he helped lead the Hindis into a better standing. He developed political and social benefits to the people near the end of the British rule. He promoted many morals to push the people into a non-violence ideal and a teacher for his religion to grow to be

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